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Hi, I’m Brenda and I have a message for you.

Live your life. Put yourself first. Love yourself. If not now, when?

Women tell me all the time that I inspire them. That is because I trust my body, I listen to my intuition and I am willing to take chances.

I show women how to be confident, know what they want and live life with joy and freedom.

Let me show you how to do that.


On Being a Woman & a Mother...

There are not many models for how to be both a woman and a mother. Instead we’re taught to pour all our time and attention into the kids, put our relationships second, and ourselves last.

So mothers, over time, slowly lose themselves and the vitality in their relationships. They take on a mom role instead of a woman role and it's often not balanced. They may stop taking care of themselves, exercising, caring how they look and feel, and asking for what they want in relationships and in sex, or drop sex altogether. 

The women who come to me have done that whole “mom thing” and now that the kids are a little older, they’re thinking “so what about me?” There’s a voice saying “There’s more, and I want it!” but they don’t think they can have it. They’re scared that they have to choose between their desires and their families.  That's not true!

I am here to tell you that you can be an awakened woman following her passions and desires and also be an amazing mother. In my own journey, I learned to speak and live my desires, nourish and love myself, and have an amazing sex life. In helping clients do the same, I have created a unique approach to my work which I call Re-Awakening the Feminine.

Through this process, any mother, no matter what choices she has made, can begin to feel more alive, sexy, and powerful again - and be better mothers for it.