What women are saying about working with Brenda

Brenda Fredericks completely understands the feminine experience. I loved her mom’s coaching circle because she was so conscious of what it’s like for moms and structured the circle accordingly.
Her desire-based coaching comes from a real place of compassion and the experience of her own transformation. She’s been in the places she coached me through and there’s an authenticity and power in that. Her insights and observations and pointed questions were so right on that I had many revelatory moments. She’s amazing, wise, fun and generous and wants for you what you want for yourself.
— Beth Miller
I worked with Brenda as my life coach for approximately 6 months. What I appreciated the most about Brenda during our sessions together was her willingness to meet me in my very dark and sad place with kindness, empathy and love. She didn’t try to talk me out of leaving that place but rather, encouraged me to feel, honor and be with those energies as long as I needed. When I was ready, I crawled back into the light and I’m now working on those goals I set for myself in the beginning as in, really taking action! Our time together helped to launch me into this work.

What I appreciate about Brenda is her knowledge and emphasis on the importance of feminine energy and mentoring women to step in and harness that power. She has a big heart, loads of wisdom and clearly has a passion for working with women.
— August Lynn
Brenda is one of the most phenomenal coaches i have ever had. 100% honest, will not fall for my BS stories and cuts to the truth with her crystal clear sword. And the whole thing is blanketed in an amazing amount of love, compassion, humor, patience and commitment to her unique process. In particular if you want more support with connection plus healthy autonomy in your closest relationships, I can’t think of a more potent guide. Thank you Brenda for your amazing presence in my life. In the time I have worked with Brenda, I have learned to be my own best friend, to greatly diminish my codependent behaviors that kept me trapped and afraid to ask for what I want in my life as a I continually evolve, and my relationship with my family and the ability to have connection with boundaries has drastically improved.
— Alee Hoffman