Red Hot Truth Women’s Circle

Are you looking to bring your vision out into the world? Do you want other incredible women backing you so you can shine your light even brighter?

The magic happens on Tuesdays at 1eastern

Are you ready to join an incredible group of women and take your life to the next level? Brenda creates powerful sisterhood and support in her women’s circles, so you can grow without being afraid of shining too bright. Gain huge support not just from her incredible insight that has helped so many women expand their lives, but also from the other incredible women in her circle, who share their experiences and offer community and feedback that is invaluable.

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Women’s Circles with Brenda?


I have been traveling quite extensively for work and personal reasons during the last years which feels unsettling at times. I noticed how much more grounded I have become since I joined Brenda’s Virtual Women’s Circle. It feels that our weekly calls have turned into a virtual movable home for me. Brenda is our gorgeous hostess creating safe and inspirational space for me to share myself and keep going forward with joy and confidence.



Brenda’s Women’s Circle is warm and welcoming, just like her. It’s a space where I can show up, exactly as I am, and feel seen, supported and celebrated. Brenda’s Women’s Circle is just the dose of of Sisterhood I need.


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This virtual circle has provided me a consistent and compassionate space to be heard and seen authentically by amazing women, and to witness and learn from other passionate women as they share about their own victories and/or struggles. Brenda holds a powerfully positive container that invites us to own our experiences as the empowering gifts of growth that they are, and to love and accept ourselves through all of life's twists and turns. I'm honored and blessed to be part of it.



I want to express how satisfying it is to be in Brenda’s circle! She holds exquisite space for me to share what's current in my life and in my heart. It's particularly healing for me to be able to share and have other sisters be present and witness me. I've been craving more community and a platform to open up and take up more space in a vulnerable way. Im stretching into that vulnerability thanks to Brenda and what she has created!



Red Hot Truth Women’s Circle is about blazing your own trail and overcoming obstacles with the support of other incredible women.

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  • friendships

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4 lush 60 minute sisterhood calls a month

$197/month or $975 6 months Paid In Full (save $207)


Who is Brenda Fredericks?

Brenda Fredericks is a teacher and Transformational Coach for women and moms. She shows women how to be more confident, know what they want, and create the relationships they wish they had. She co-founded The Generation Project with her daughter and helps women heal their mother daughter relationships. She’s an entrepreneur, a writer, a goddess, a mother of two, a former middle school teacher of 22 years, and has been on a 10-year journey of claiming her power as a woman and mother.

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