30 Days Unconditional Sex Practice: Back Story

A new project landed in my lap this morning and I am so excited about it that I can barely sit still. The project comes with a warning as I share it here publicly. Warning: Your judgements, fears, conditioning, shame and personal beliefs will likely get touched. Mine do.

First some background: 
One of the ingredients of the Mother Daughter Closeness Project with Hailey is releasing shame. What is the nutrient that allows mothers and daughters to be close? I think it's the freedom to share it all openly. Hailey and I have been talking a lot lately about life, men, relationship, sex, the body, shame and so much more. We have always been open with each other, but the size of the openness has gotten way wider recently. And with that expanded space, she has gotten more of the information she has been seeking about these topics and I get to share my true self with my daughter.

Sometimes I feel blocked and scared to share with her. What is the blocker? Shame. Shame about being a sexual woman, about my body, about having pleasure and so much more. So, my thought is that if mothers are willing to confront their own shame, the daughters benefit. And yet, so do the mothers benefit because we get to be more free and not be clouded behind a wall of shame. And then what we do with that freedom in the world expands it as well. It's a cycle of positivity that is the revolutionary change we are seeking in this world.

The Project:
Through a series of incredible synchronicities, all before 8am, I came in contact with a beautiful mother daughter team who are doing a mind blowing project together and I immediately offered to document it! The mother & daughter are doing a 30 Day Unconditional Sex Practice together.

What does that mean? It means they are each going to have sex for 30 days in a row with men, sharing the process and details together as they go through the container of 30 days. Instead of hiding this part of themselves and keeping their sex locked away and hidden, they will be sharing their process of who they find attractive, when they will have sex, and then talk about it. And I will be documenting it all.

What the "unconditional" part means is that they will not necessarily be in relationship with the men they have sex with. We have many ideas in our society about the conditions that make sex acceptable and unacceptable, and then judge women, and ourselves, accordingly. This 30 day Unconditional Sex Practice seeks to undo that conditioning and unhook the mother and daughter from the shame contract they have together.

That's a lot to read. I put the warning at the top because this feels edgy to do and edgy for me to share. You may already notice your judgements, conditioning, shame and opinions coming up about the mother/daughter, or about me. Notice that. And if you want to explore these reactions, I invite you to go on this 30 day ride with me to uncover what happens when we are willing to look shame directly in the face, with love.

brenda fredericks