The Generation Project

The Mission

Through having more honesty, connection, and attention, our mission is to heal mother/daughter relationships one woman at a time.

We believe that mother/daughter relationships are at the root of all relationships between women, and that healing them is activism.

We believe that mothers and daughters play ancient, karmic roles with each other. Female lineage comes with the inheritance of shame, hurt, disconnection, and belief systems build into our bodies, hearts, and minds from the women who taught us everything we know.

We live in a society that conditions women to internalize these limiting beliefs about ourselves, our desires, and our relationships to one another. Mother/daughter relationships are at a vulnerable, sensitive point of contact between what is and what could be, as individuals, as pairs, and as a global community of women.

We believe that when we heal ourselves as individuals, we heal the relationships between us. We believe that healing mother/daughter relationships starts with one person. You.

It's said that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.

 Let’s do something different.


Meet Brenda & Hailey


We’re a dynamic, mother-daughter duo of coaches who believe that more is available for women.   

Together, we have developed an interactive, practice-oriented platform specifically designed for growth, healing, and adding vibrancy into mother/daughter relationships. Having both done abundant transformational work, we often receive the reflection from others that people want the qualities they see in our relationship with each other in their own relationships with their mother and/or daughter. The honesty. The intention. The willingness to stay connected.

One evening in October 2017, we stayed up all night sipping tea and unpacked the technology behind our closeness and the intimacy in our relationship.

What we found is an absolute game changer.


Hear From Hailey:

“I remember being 16, smack in the center of a wearing-all-black-piercing-my-face-in-mall-bathrooms period of my life (yes, really). My mom came home one day after doing some weekend program I knew nothing about. She called me into her room and asked if I wanted to do a dance break with her. Yep, turn on music for no logical reason and dance just for fun. I stared at her, blinking. I was mortified. I said no, definitely not, I do not want to do a dance break with you, thank you very much. She said okay. She danced anyway.

Hailey on car.jpg

In the past decade, I’ve expanded from that location to being passionate about diving into my own transformational work and building my coaching business. The easy answer as to how I did that was that I grew up. The not-so-easy answer is that my mom, in service to everyone around her, didn’t really offer a choice. She was transforming and becoming the bigger, more alivened version of herself whether I approved of it or not. She would do dance breaks with or without me, although I always had a standing invitation to join. I had to adjust to her leveling up her relationships: When she suddenly refused to shrink to accommodate others, it invited everyone in her life to rise up and meet her in a new place with more authenticity and honesty. Including me. And so I did. Slowly. And for it, I became much, much bigger myself.

There are a million stories. A million times we felt uncomfortable, had judgements, ran with fears, or were confronted with something that made us question our beliefs about ourselves and each other. It’s part of the reason we’re so close. When she chose to dance anyway, time and time again, she set a precedent between us that we would always be our full selves with each other, even when it’s uncomfortable. It wasn’t easy to get there. And it was definitely, definitely worth it.”

Hear From Brenda: 

work in progress - coming soon! 


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